What it is wet room kit shower tray?


The choice of a shower enclosure is a decision subject to many factors, whether it will be dedicated to the evening relaxing under hot water or quick, stimulating showers in the morning. The bathroom should be equipped with solutions that suit all household members. When choosing a shower enclosure one should take into account whether it will be intensively used, hence the thickness of the wall glass is important. The decision to install a linear drain or shower tray depends on the possibility of sticking to the floor. The desire to use the bathroom by many household members at the same time, in many cases will indicate the choice of a matte finish.

Clean bathroom

Leaving formerly to the camps, no doubt your parents reminded you a hundred times about packing their flaps. And regardless of whether you traveled over maybe where flip flops would be useful for you every day during summer holidays and beach walks, or whether you were going to the mountains for winter holidays – flip flops always had to be packed. It may have surprised us all, but the reason was very simple – it caused mycosis and other infectious diseases of the skin, especially the feet. The place of the camps is a germplant of germs, that’s the fact. We do not doubt that they could also be surprised by showers. These were not booths but modest niches in the walls, with a curtain instead of a door. It’s hard to call it a shower cabin and it’s no wonder that we missed our shower cubicle. Ah, paddling, what a convenience. We would never have thought about it before, and certainly not in such a sensitive and exuberant way, yet the shower enclosure has undoubted advantages.

Wet room kit shower tray the best solution

First of all, you do not have to go into the flip-flops for fear of mycosis. We are talking here, of course, about our own home cabin. Cabins with a paddling pool, for example at the swimming pool or in holiday centers, are as large a place of life for many germs as entire camps. So such a shower enclosure should only be visited in flip-flops. Secondly, cabins with a wet room kit shower tray are more decent at the aesthetic stage. The neat and clean shower cubicle looks much better at the end when it is finished with a clean white shower tray at the bottom.

Cabins with a wet room kit shower trays is a simple invention, yet very popular, so it’s no wonder that due to its appearance, convenience and usefulness it has mostly replaced showerless booths. A wet room kit shower trays, for the purpose of hygiene, should gain more and more popularity. Then maybe taking care of hygiene will gain a new popularity and we will be able to say goodbye at the end of showering in the flip-flops, for fear of catching fungal infections.

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