What it is wet room kit shower tray?


You have to make a lot of strategic decisions when furnishing the perfect bathroom. One of them is the selection of fittings. People who choose a shower have two options: a shower tray or its lack. Which shower cabin is the best option to choose? Pros and cons of both solutions are presented below.

The shower cabin is a great solution for every bathroom, both small and large. Even a small but well-planned cabin guarantees comfortable conditions during taking a shower. In case of finishing the bathroom, there are two options: with or without a shower tray.

Bathroom with wet room kit shower tray

Shower cubicle with shower tray is still the most popular solution. A shower tray is a substitute for a bathtub: wells can take various shapes.

The wet room kit shower tray is quite a practical solution. Wet room kit shower trays you can use, among others for soaking laundry, bathing children and animals. Application clearly separates the bathing zone from the area of ​​the dry bathroom, keeping the water in the cabin. The dimensions and shape of trays available on the market limit the maximum size of the shower enclosure. They are also a less effective solution in undersized bathrooms, requiring dedicated solutions. Due to the elevation, they are an obstacle that makes it difficult for the elderly and disabled to use the cabin.

For some, the final visual effect is also considered a disadvantage. Not everyone can afford a custom-made shower tray, therefore the (mostly white) swimming pool can stand out from the decor.

Shower cabin without wet room kit shower trays

Shower enclosures without a shower tray are gaining more and more recognition. The lack of shower tray is compensated by a system of point or line outflows.

The modern design and the possibility of any molding of the cabin are the two main advantages of the solution without shower tray. People who need unusual solutions in their bathrooms praise them very much. Lack of shower tray means no obstacles, attention should be paid to the freedom of movement between the dry and wet zone, which is a big advantage in apartments designed for people with limited mobility (disabled and elders).

The first disadvantage is the price. The equipment and construction of the shower enclosure without a shower tray is still quite an expensive investment. Another problem is finding a reliable professional who will properly install the drain and properly profiled the floor under one of the drainage systems. The outlets in the shower cubicles are located directly in the floor, so any construction errors will cause the water to get out of the bathing zone (you will sink the bathroom).

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