The Type Windsurfing Board That Is Best For The Beginners


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The windsurfing boards have changed drastically over the years, making the selection of the first board much easier. Previously, the tables were sorted by length. The long table was the first table. As the skill level has increased, the size of your board has shrunk.


His learning curve was divided into different phases, and he had to buy a different size for each phase

Luckily that is no longer the case. The new big tables have turned everything around. These boards give the rider unprecedented stability with a shorter board. A broad style board guides you through your learning curve and will guide you in the future. This means you can perfect your skills and maneuvers with the same board you’ve known and loved since the beginning of this sport.

Today volume is the first choice when you buy your first windsurf board. The volume determines the buoyancy, the stability and the weight of the plate. Before you decide on your first table, you should take care of a little math. Remember to bring a board that gives you balance and that can easily influence you. Remember that you are thinner. That’s why you should focus your attention on the power of the candle instead of finding one or two tricks.


The purpose is not to tell you that it is not important to start your lessons in the waters

Remember, however, that your first experience in using the candle tires you and sometimes makes you leave the show. On the other hand, you should know that the table you use as a beginner means that you have the opportunity to navigate through the waters faster than you would have expected. Hold the weight of your body on the forefoot and immerse the entire rail of the board in the water to move the mast forward. Remember that the curve is perfect when you cut with the sweep line of the board, which leads to windsurfing sails, not to weigh the hind leg and turn the board.

It is important that you know not only the specified volume of the card, but also the reserve volume of the card. The reserve volume is the remaining amount of the volume, indicated by the weight of the driver, the platform and the board. The meeting is not older than three years. Look for the latest information and have a length of up to three meters. Note, however, that windsurfing boards are based on width and volume rather than length.

Always remember the freeride board as a student. This allows you to easily glide through the water surface and create any style of your choice. Remember that it is also convenient to use and easy to control. Also, remember that you need a daggerboard to move against the wind. Beginners are advised to choose a table with 50% reserve volume. The equation is simple enough to discover yourself. Simply calculate your body weight in kilograms, duplicate it and then add 30 kilograms for the typical weight of the board, platform, and clothing. The result is the recommended volume of your table in liters. ortodoncja katowice apartamenty w Szczawnicy