Take care of your health!


A balanced diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Do you want to eat tasty meals every day while taking care of your silhouette? Then you need to make up your kitchen collection with practical appliances and utensils. Check out our essentials and feel better in your own body!

Steam cooking

Modern, light kitchen very much benefits from the beneficial effects of steam. Why? First of all, steam cooking is a hypocaloric alternative to unhealthy, heavy food. As a result of traditional cooking, the food loses valuable minerals and vitamins killed by high temperatures and flushed by water. Dietitians have been recommending a steaming method for years to their customers who want to dump a few overprogrammed kilos. Cooked steaming products are extremely aromatic, firm and juicy. They impress with their intense taste and vivid colours on their plate

Frying pans with ceramic coating

Pans with ceramic coating will appeal to all lovers of low-calorie, healthier diet. The special coating means that you do not have to use a lot of fat for frying, which positively affects the quality of the dishes. Forget about scrubbing dried and burnt leftovers – to remove any dirt, just gently wipe the pan with a soft cloth.

Pressure cooker

The device that can trigger in the kitchen the revolution is pressure cookers. This device can reduce food preparation time by up to 70% and significantly reduce energy loss.

In addition to its purely practical qualities, pressure cookers have the benefits of being a decisive factor in the kitchen – making the dishes a deep, intense taste that is not guaranteed to be cooked in the traditional way. What’s more, in the process of cooking in the pressure cooker, the vitamins contained in the food are not oxidized, so that your plate is full of nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, a healthy meal. More useful information about preparing meals in the pressure cookers you can find at gerlachshop.co.uk website.