Shower with or without the tray?


Having a shower cabin in the bathroom carries a number of advantages, among which we can mention space saving and the possibility of quick baths. The installation of a shower is usually associated with the need to have a shower tray, but recently the use of a linear drain has been growing. Many people, however, wonder what the disadvantages of such a solution are?

Disadvantages of a shower without a shower tray

Installation of a shower without a wet room kit shower tray can be embarrassing. The outflow is the most important here. It is necessary to deepen the floor in relation to the rest of the floor. Some people fear that the installation may be improperly carried out, which is associated with fear of the strength of the floor and tiles.

If the linear drain is mounted on the wall, it requires a one-way floor drop (about 2 percent towards the grid). This can later prove to be embarrassing at the stage of laying the tiles.
During installation, leave an additional 15 cm of space for the connection elements. Therefore, if we have a bathroom upstairs, we must first make sure that the ceiling is not too thin. If this is the case, it will be safest to install a siphon with a drain in the wall (on a par with the edge of the floor).

The other side of the coin – Rich design

The linear drainagew differ in length and shape, the size of most of them can be independently modified, thanks to which this solution will be perfect both in very small bathrooms and in impressive size of bath rooms. Such a drain can be finished with the same tiles, which we laid out the rest of the bathroom, which will make our bathing place will blend in with the rest of the bathroom space.

Some details

If we decide on a linear drainw, we should remember that in the case of such a solution the floor must be absolutely tight. Tiles also play a large role, it is advisable that they should be stacked with a slope towards the outflow. In addition, it is recommended that the tiles have a non-slip texture, which will reduce the risk of falling during bathing. In underfloor shower cubicles, floor heating will be great, which will increase the shower comfort and improve the water drying process.

Wet room kit shower tray is made of stainless steel and can take on different shape and appearance. They can only be a small accent or an attractive decoration. This type of shower tray can be constructed independently, but a more convenient solution are ready-to-assemble kits. Among them, we find anti-slip and anti-bacterial kits.

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