Problem with clogged drains – how to solve them?


Clogged drain in the sink, bath or shower is one of those problems that we can easily deal with without the help of a professional plumber. How to do this?

Rubber pushrod

This is the most traditional of all accessories to clear drains. For its use to be effective, we should tightly seal it over the overflow opening, draining water slightly above the rubber base. At this point, pressing the machine will produce a pressure that will suck or push the congestion in the system. To facilitate this task, the area around the drain can be lubricated with vaseline.

Modern pusher

More and more often the traditional rubber tool is replaced in our homes by modern pushers in the form of a snap and gun with a rubber suction cup. By filling the device with water, we can similarly suck as well as remove any dirt that causes congestion.

Soda with vinegar

If we can not solve the problem with a pusher, we should try a solution of baking soda and vinegar. To do this, mix the soda with the vinegar in a prepared dish in a ratio of 3 to 1 and immediately pour it into the embarrassing drain before the solution begins to melt. After waiting 15 minutes, the drain should be rinsed with a few liters of boiling water. In this way the linear drains should be easily clean.

Chemicals on clogged sink

If none of the home remedies are helpful, we can use a specialized formulation in the form of granules, gel or powder that is poured into a sink or bathtub and rinsed with hot water according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer’s instructions. Such preparations may, however, irritate the respiratory tract and the skin. Moreover – they can also destroy sewerage systems that are made of plastic and even aluminum, so their use is not always advisable. Use them very carefully and only in justified cases if the linear drains is in very bad state.

The ways to tear the clogged linear drain are very various. These methods are different in effectiveness. Home remedies for sinking the sink are also effective, but they need to be given some time.

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