Durable and elegant cutlery


Cutlery is the basic kitchen equipment that we use every day and which accompanies us during festive moments. Elegant china and a set of solid cutlery is a duo that affects both the aesthetics of the table and the convenience of eating meals. Buying cutlery is usually an investment for many years, because models made of solid material can remain intact in spite of the passage of time. What cutlery should you have in your collection? Check our advices!


Durable material

The basic parameter that proves the quality of cutlery is the material from which they were made. Some time ago, the object of desire was elegant cutlery made of silver. Unfortunately, silver cutlery had many disadvantages – they were very heavy, expensive, quickly devastated and required careful care. In a modern kitchen better are light and resistant cutlery made of stainless steel. In stores we can find cutlery marked 18/0, 18/8 or 18/10. The best quality products, which exhibits the highest corrosion resistance, are models containing 18% chromium and 10% nickel. The nickel coating additionally protects the cutlery from tarnishing and scratches. High concentration of nickel is especially important for people who prefer using dishwasher.



The design of cutlery should be tailored to individual preferences and the design of the flat. Cutlery with an old-fashioned retro line can become a very subtle accent emphasizing the elegance of the dining room and living room. Decorative models and porcelain plates will be the most beautiful decoration of a white tablecloth. If you prefer modern, minimalistic style, you should better choose simple models without decors. At gerlachshop.co.uk website you will find a wide range of solid cutlery with matte and glossy finish.


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