Clogged linear drain


Linear drains drain the water from the shower from the floor of the bathroom. Thanks to this solution there is no need to place a shower in the bathroom. Their biggest advantage is functionality. No wonder they are gaining more and more supporters.

Popular linear drains

The use of linear drainage has become very popular. The cause is not only the strong trends in world design or the tendency of decreasing prices of such solutions, but above all the practicality of this solution. This method provides freedom in the management of the bath area, which translates into comfort and safety – especially when elderly or disabled users are involved. No hard-to-reach joints and hollows can be avoided by using the shower tray and the cabin to keep the wet zone clean. It is also important to be able to introduce innovative visions into the interior.

Using linear drains, we zoom optically. Putting in the shower the same gres as on the rest of the bathroom floor, we make the interior visually larger, and this is particularly important in small bathrooms. In addition, the interior becomes simpler and more modern. This is also a more functional solution than traditional paddling.

Blocked linear drain – what to do?

When entering the shower, every person brings in the cabin a lot of fine impurities, fibers from clothing, hair falling, animal hair, sand or using cosmetics for example peeling leaves of chemicals. All these particles get into the drainage by blocking the linear drain and preventing the flow of dirty water. To improve the operation of the installation you can try one or several of the popular ideas.

The first step is usually to physically clean the grille and filter. Simply remove the plastic element from the drain and remove any unnecessary material from it. If this action does not work and the water continues to collect, it usually means the problem with sewer pipes.

Shower is a quick way to clean our body. But sometimes it can happen that the linear drain simply plugs in. Therefore, it is advisable to use home remedies to remove the malfunction.

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