Best wrinkle-free fabrics


Sometimes you just put on a dress you bought and it looks excellently. Then you put on your coat, leave your house, travel by underground or taxi, arrive at the party, take off your coat and you find out that your dress does not look so elegant- it’s wrinkled. Did you experience similar situations? I bet you did! So we do. If you want to avoid such situations, you should pay more attention to fabrics the clothes are made of. This article will list the most popular wrinkle-free fabrics.


At the beginning, it’s worth to start with polyester. It’s a synthetic fibre

The clothes that are made of polyester are very flexible and wrinkle resistant. Moreover, you do not have to iron them so they are appreciated by the people who do not have much time or an iron at home. If you want to save time and look neat, choose a polyester blouse or a dress. Nevertheless, it’s worth to bear in mind that the material can give you an allergy because it’s nice in touch.

The second material worth mentioning is silk that is considered to be one of the most precious materials in the world. It’s very nice to touch and it’s wrinkle-resistant fabric. If it happens not to look smoothly, the only thing you have to do is to iron it gently at low temperature. The effect will remain for a very long time. It’s worth to underline that silk always looks elegant.

The next material that is wrinkle-free is wool. It’s a material of animal origin

It definitely does not need to be ironed. The only drawback is teaseling of the material but it can be removed quickly using shaver. Furthermore, the woollen clothes are very popular and you will not have a problem finding them in reasonable prices. They are great for cold evenings as well as winter holidays.

Last but not the least – polyamide

This fabric is certainly wrinkle-free and it also dries very quickly. It’s widely used in sports clothes and swimsuits. It’s very stretchy but it does not lose its form. Thanks to this, it’s also wrinkle resistant.

At the end, it’s worth to know that every material of those is unique and you may combine them with the less wrinkle resistant fabrics to compose out of ordinary outfit where wrinkles will not be so noticed. If you need some inspiration, visit: