A small kitchen – how to arrange it?


Small kitchens are problematic for owners and architects. Fortunately, today we can be inspired by numerous proposals in interior design magazines. What solutions are on top?

Choose elegant and functional furniture

The equipment of a small kitchen should first of all be functional. Forget about the numerous additions, decorations, unnecessary kitchen equipment. Let’s put on comfort and high quality! To make the small kitchen seem larger optically, we use light furniture. Bright colors will reflect sunlight and artificial light, making the room more spacious. Do not cover the windows with curtains – let’s use lightweight blinds or completely give up such accessories.

How to equip a kitchen?

If cooking is our passion, we must choose high quality equipment. On the site gerlachshop.co.uk we mainly find pots made of stainless steel, but also ceramic pans, kitchen knives, cutlery, cups, scissors, cutting boards. By choosing well-known manufacturers, we focus on quality – these pots will serve us for many years. Certainly, it is also worth paying attention to their design – currently pots are small works of art!

Why is it important to pay attention to materials?

When buying pots from a well-known manufacturer, we can be sure that all the materials used are safe for our health. On demand, the manufacturer can provide us with all the certificates that will confirm the high quality of its products.

How to decorate a small kitchen in a functional way?

Decorating a small kitchen can be problematic – each item should have its place. We should choose items that will be useful. Our proposal is … cookbooks! Today we find them in both classic bookstores and online stores. Cookbooks are now richly illustrated, and publishers strive to ensure that their substantive value goes hand in hand with a beautiful look.

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